Workshop Participation

We are so excited to host a group of eager and thoughtful people to question the role of theory and theorising in HRI.

To participate in the workshop, we are asking for either:

(a) a personal statement up to 500 words explaining your background and why you want to attend this workshop. Any layout and format can be used.


(b) a 2-4 page position paper (including references) using the regular conference template, found at: An example of a general topic could be “why is theory beneficial to HRI?” but we encourage participants to explore positions relevant to any of the workshop topics outlined above.


Your submission is for us to evaluate who is coming into the space with us. Both types of submissions do not have to be anonymized and will undergo a light review by the workshop organizing team. There are writing prompts below to inspire your submission.

Submissions deadline (11:59pm AoE): February 1st, 2022

Please submit your personal statement or position paper to the THEORIA organizing team via email:

Workshop Registration

Whether you participate in our THEORIA workshop with a submission or not, you must pay the obligatory HRI'22 workshop fee to attend.


You can find all the details about the registration, FAQ, and cancellation policy on the official HRI'22 conference website:

The HRI'22 workshop fees are as follow: 




If you attend other HRI'22 workshops, you only need to pay one registration fee. If you are planning to attend a certain workshop, please indicate which workshop(s) during the registration process.

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Writing Promps

Why is theory important for HRI?

What do you see as the role of theory in HRI study? Are there any areas of HRI that are underrepresented because of current dominant theories, or areas to explore that could use new underlying theory?

What is the role of theory in good science?

This workshop will focus heavily on how theory has been beneficial to other sciences. Are there examples of classic theories which illustrate their importance for the development of mature fields? Can you speak at all to the philosophy of science in general?

What makes a good theory?

Commentary on the composition of a useful and clean theory would be appreciated. As we build HRI theory together, these components will be important to have in mind. What are some aspects of good theory in science?