This workshop is not your conventional conference workshop. We are bold in our aims and execution. We so strongly believe that theory has a large, thus-far unfulfilled role to play in the study of HRI that we want to break the mold, creating new space for growth.

Our time together will be centered around critical analysis of theory, theorising, and its role thus far in HRI. Through our cooperative work, we hope to sow the seeds of a community in what we see as incredibly fertile soil.


Preliminary Workshop Outline

(1) Welcoming, Introductory Talk, and Community-Building

We will begin with a framing from two of our organizers, Glenda and Theresa, and hear some about the purpose of this workshop. As part of our aim is to build community around theory-interested HRI researchers, we will also begin by meeting each other.

(2) "What" is theory?

This question is central to our investigations. Building from the knowledge in the room, we will come to a working framework that will help us understand what we mean by theory.

(3) "Why" theory?

Perhaps even more important that the "what" is the "why." To help HRI mature into an established science, we need to know why we're going where we are. Why is theory used in any scientific field?

(4) "How" to apply to HRI?

The grand synthesis. We are HRI practitioners and researchers, so our endeavors would not be worthwhile without using what we have collected to comment on our own field. Our collective thinking throughout the workshop will help us envision a future for the discipline.